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    Friday, 16 April 2010

    End of the road, and congratulations

    By my reckoning I've got about 7 hours left in my tenure as DPL. There's still a few things I haven't finished up yet and won't by the end of the day, and for those I apologise. I'll try to follow through anyway.

    Congratulations to Zack for winning the election this year, and of course thanks to the other candidates for standing and helping to make it such an interesting campaign. I have great hopes for the future of Debian with our new Italian overlord in charge - he's got some very good ideas and I already know he has the enthusiasm to put in the efforts that are needed. :-)

    Now it's time for me to step back and concentrate on technical work for a while. Oh, and make wedding plans for next year. TTFN.

    17:22 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 3 comments

    Monday, 13 April 2009

    Whoops, I did it again

    So, it looks like Debian developers want me to be the DPL again for another year. The fools! cackle. :-)

    Thanks to people for voting for me and Luk this year, and also thanks to Zack and the secretaries for their efforts in the election this year too.

    I'll post something more formal shortly, but right now I'm still working on the latest set of point release CDs/DVDs and tidying up my place after a big party last night. TTFN!

    00:52 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 3 comments

    Tuesday, 10 March 2009

    I did a bad bad thing

    OK, so after a lot of dithering I finally decided that I wanted to stand again for re-election in the DPL election this year. That's despite the fact that it's not good for my health and I don't have enough time to start with... Why am I doing it?

    • I believe I've done a good job in the last year, and lots of other people seem to agree. However, I did not find the time for all the work I hoped to do and I think it's worth carrying on.
    • I've been pestered to stand again by a lot of my friends in the project.
    • I wasn't going to let Zack stand unopposed! *grin*

    To make the job easier this year if elected, I'm standing with Luk Claes as an assistant. He and I are good friends, and we share ideas and values on a lot of points. My experience from the last year as DPL tells me that the job is a big one, and sharing the load with a willing victim^Wvolunteer should help with that.

    03:24 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 0 comments

    Sunday, 13 April 2008


    It seems I've been elected to be DPL for the next year, starting this coming Thursday (18th April) according to Manoj. Thanks to the people that voted for me, and also to the other two candidates - better luck next time to Marc and Raphael. And (of course) thanks to Sam as well for his excellent efforts over the last year.

    I hope to do a good job for you all this year, and I have a few plans on what I'm going to do. More concrete details once I'm actually officially in charge... :-)

    20:51 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 6 comments

    Tuesday, 11 March 2008

    I'm running again...

    ... and I'm ill again. I hope this is just a coincidence, but this makes 3 years out of 3 where shortly after standing in the DPL election I get a cold. *sneeze* Apologies in advance if I don't respond to all of people's questions on debian-vote immediately in the next few days...

    00:48 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 0 comments

    Monday, 19 February 2007

    Again! Again!

    I've decided to stand for DPL again this year. After (most of) a year of helping AJ as his 2IC, I've seen more of what the job entails and I still think I can do it well. But again, I'll be happy to continue working on Debian regardless of who wins the election in a few weeks time. May the best (or at least most popular - *grin*) DD win!

    22:27 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 1 comment

    Thursday, 16 March 2006


    Things are busy; IRC channels with >100 people onboard are often quite chaotic, but so far we're going well. Roll on the free-for-all...!

    23:47 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 0 comments

    Tuesday, 07 March 2006

    Halfway through the 2006 DPL election

    We're coming up to the middle of the campaigning period in the election this year. I'm not going to comment on the other candidates or the issues here - we've got enough campaigning going on on the debian-vote mailing list and elsewhere.

    What I am going to comment on is the good range of insightful questions that our developers have been raising during this period. While it's not a huge amount of fun keeping on thinking up good answers for those questions, it's excellent to see that so many of our developers care enough to make our lives awkward at this point! :-)

    21:32 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 0 comments

    Friday, 03 March 2006

    Enrico's questions for the DPL candidates

    Enrico has asked the candidates quite a few questions this year via his blog. To be honest, Enrico, I think you'd be better off posting your list to the -vote mailing list - that way the questions and answers will be seen by everybody looking for them, and they'll be archived.

    01:01 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 2 comments