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    Tuesday, 10 March 2009


    It took us a couple of weeks to organise, but we had a small Lenny release party in Cambridge last weekend. We had the usual crowd of Cambridge folks, plus Noodles and codehelp. Jason Clifford from UKFSN even threw some cash our way to help cover the costs - Thanks Jason! :-) We started at the Regal pub in town, then headed back to my place and drank until late.

    Lenny T!

    Quite a number of the revellers also bought some of our shiny new Lenny release T-shirts! If you'd like one, look at the details here and mail me!

    Update: Fixed the URL to the T-shirt photo. Doh!

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    You are not alone

    Shockingly, I seem to have found a woman crazy enough to like me! This delusion looks like it might be long-term; let's see how it goes... :-)

    03:29 :: # :: /misc :: 1 comment

    I did a bad bad thing

    OK, so after a lot of dithering I finally decided that I wanted to stand again for re-election in the DPL election this year. That's despite the fact that it's not good for my health and I don't have enough time to start with... Why am I doing it?

    • I believe I've done a good job in the last year, and lots of other people seem to agree. However, I did not find the time for all the work I hoped to do and I think it's worth carrying on.
    • I've been pestered to stand again by a lot of my friends in the project.
    • I wasn't going to let Zack stand unopposed! *grin*

    To make the job easier this year if elected, I'm standing with Luk Claes as an assistant. He and I are good friends, and we share ideas and values on a lot of points. My experience from the last year as DPL tells me that the job is a big one, and sharing the load with a willing victim^Wvolunteer should help with that.

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