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    Tuesday, 07 March 2006

    Halfway through the 2006 DPL election

    We're coming up to the middle of the campaigning period in the election this year. I'm not going to comment on the other candidates or the issues here - we've got enough campaigning going on on the debian-vote mailing list and elsewhere.

    What I am going to comment on is the good range of insightful questions that our developers have been raising during this period. While it's not a huge amount of fun keeping on thinking up good answers for those questions, it's excellent to see that so many of our developers care enough to make our lives awkward at this point! :-)

    21:32 :: # :: /debian/dpl :: 0 comments

    Using votes to help detect MIA Debian developers?

    RaphaŽl Hertzog writes about the Condorcet voting system that we use in Debian. He then goes on to consider whether we could use the system to help us elsewhere - could we track MIA developers by checking their voting records? This strikes a chord with another idea I've heard recently: make voting in the DPL election mandatory for active DDs.

    I expect that even suggesting such a thing may appal some of us - forcing volunteer DDs to do anything is not likely to be popular, and I admit I have misgivings about it myself on that front. However, I can also see the attraction of the idea. The DPL election is a very(!) well publicised event that happens regularly every year, and is something that most DDs are likely to care about. Asking the project secretary after the polls close for a list of DDs that have not voted might be a good way of picking up on those who have stopped paying attention to Debian issues.

    Comments? :-)

    21:02 :: # :: /debian/issues :: 4 comments