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    Monday, 17 September 2007

    Remaining Debconf T-shirts on the way

    At/after Debconf it transpired that various people didn't get the T-shirts they should: attendees who left before the Ts were released by customs in the UK, and volunteers and orga team who didn't fit in the small allocation that we had printed up-front.

    In the weeks since then, we've got more shirts printed thanks to Gunnar and Gaby. I've just sent out (almost) the last of them this weekend to people all over the world, and I'll be hand-delivering the last couple next month. A small number of people also asked for extra Ts if they could pay for them, and I'm emailing them now to confirm what the cost is.

    UPDATE: Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough in the above. We have had more Debconf Ts made for people, but they asked ages ago either at Debconf or shortly afterwards. I'm not planning on getting any more printed for people that ask now. Sorry, it's too late.

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    Thursday, 28 June 2007

    Slowly recovering...

    Debconf's over for another year - people have gone their separate ways, taking their newly-shared sense of purpose (and germs!) back home with them.

    Speaking for the organising team, I think we can justifiably be proud of ourselves - we seem to have pulled off a Debconf! Not everything worked perfectly or quite as we expected/wanted, but in the end I don't think we had any major issues. Fundamentally, it seems that all the attendees enjoyed themselves immensely and lots of productive work and socialising happened. That's the important bit!

    Thanks to all of you that turned up and helped us to make the conference a success this year, especially the volunteers who dived in to fetch, carry, man the front desk, run the cameras, organise the day trip, etc. And also (of course) to the sponsors who paid for the event - we love you all!

    The orga team still have some small bits to finish up before we declare things completely finished, though. We've still got some bits and pieces left in Edinburgh yet, waiting to be returned to their respective owners. And we're going to make a start on the post-conference report shortly. That's a place where conference attendees can help us again - we're looking for short write-ups of your experiences at the conference and a good selection of photos to give an impression of how things went. If you're able/willing to help, please mail the debconf-team list.

    Thank you and goodnight.

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    Friday, 22 June 2007


    There went 2 weeks, almost. I was naively hoping to find some time to work on various things during Debcamp/Debconf this year. Yeah, like that was going to happen...! Instead, I and the rest of the organisation team have been running around constantly in the background since day 1. It's been fun, and as far as I can tell people have been enjoying the conference as much as ever. \o/

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    Wednesday, 14 March 2007

    Travels after Debconf - an alternative

    To whom it may concern...

    Daniel and Rob are holding a party in June to celebrate their Civil Partnership. Yay! And I'm invited. Double-yay! Unfortunately, it's the same weekend that Debconf 7 finishes. And it's in in deepest, darkest Wales, almost at the opposite end of the UK from Edinburgh. Less yay...!

    As Daniel is a DD, I'm guessing (and he has confirmed) that quite a few of the party guests will be at Debconf. That means there will be quite a number of people will be needing to get from one end of the country to the other on Saturday 23rd June. As I'm a mug for this kind of thing, I'm looking into organising travel for a group. If you're looking at making this trip, mail me if you're interested in travelling together. Options at the moment include hiring a minibus and driving the whole distance, or maybe flying from Edinburgh to somewhere much closer (Bristol or Cardiff) and sharing a vehicle from there. Let me know...

    02:43 :: # :: /debian/dc7 :: 1 comment

    Monday, 11 September 2006

    Debconf7 localteam meeting

    A gang of us got together in Edinburgh this weekend and worked out a lot more of what's needed for Debconf 7 next year. Minutes are online in the Debian wiki now. The team visited Teviot, the student centre that we plan to use, and we also checked out several of the local hostels and public houses for suitability. There might have been some beer involved too... :-)

    I have some photos of some of the scenery and people.

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