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    Friday, 15 October 2004

    It's been a while

    I've been agonising over how, or even whether, to write this for a while...

    I've been quiet for a month, busy with other things and very much distracted with family stuff. My dad was taken ill 3 weeks ago and in tests at the hospital they found some bad news: a tumour. Signs are (so far) good that they will be able to operate to remove the tumour; we're still waiting on more test results to know whether or not it has spread. In the meantime, dad's been allowed home for better rest than he was getting in a hospital ward.

    It's been a stressful time, with more to come before it's over. I've had some great messages of support from people, and they're very much appreciated. This kind of news turns your life upside down; it helps to know you're not on your own coping with it.

    02:28 :: # :: /misc :: 1 comment

    JTE^H^Higit 1.14 released

    I've added a script "jigit" into the JTE package, and renamed the package jigit too. The Ubuntu people will hopefully be testing jigit soon to help them and their users reduce the bandwidth used by CD downloads. It's another wrapper around mkimage and wget, similar to the way the jigdo-lite wrapper program uses wget and jigdo-file.

    There are only some small changes otherwise. The main change is a bugfix in the rsyncsum code. People have been complaining lately that jigdo-lite wasn't happy with the templates produced by JTE 1.12 on gluck. Oops - my fault; a silly bug in the code meant I was simply checksumming the wrong data. :-(

    Usual place for download: I've also uploaded jigit 1.14 into Incoming, so it will make it into the official Debian archive now I've finally packaged it up.

    NOTE: the JTE patch to mkisofs needs to be applied AFTER debian patches have been applied during the package build process, as that's easiest for people who want to use the rest of the Debian-applied patches too.

    02:15 :: # :: /debian/JTE :: 0 comments