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    Friday, 28 September 2012


    We've been thinking about getting a dog for ages, but it's been difficult to work out the logistics when we've been travelling so much. Well, today's the day!

    Pepper, day one

    Pepper is a Parson Russell Terrier, and she's 3 years old. We just collected her from the lovely people at Wood Green Animals Shelter. Her previous owner passed away recently, so she was looking for a new home.

    We've just brought her home and things are going great - she's very well behaved (so far!) and is loving a new place with lots of fuss and cuddles.

    17:14 :: # :: /misc :: 4 comments

    Anniversary trip to Scotland

    Back at the beginning of September, Jo and I were invited up to Aberdeen for a weekend for a party to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of some friends. Then we decided to stay around for a few days - it was our 1st anniversary just two days later. :-)

    We had a great time at the party, and had some awesome weather for the weekend (especially considering the time of year!). We travelled around a bit for the next few days, visiting Crathes Castle, John O' Groats and Culloden amongst other places. We stayed in a hotel overlooking Loch Ness for the evening of our own anniversary, but no sign of Nessie! We headed back via Gretna Green and visited the famous (if tacky!) Blacksmith's there, then headed home. Having done both Land's End and John O' Groats in one year, we've covered the length of Great Britain.

    We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for a few days, especially the lovely roads with very few people on them! Also we got to see some very unusual road signs that made us chuckle...



    We'll definitely go back again soon!

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