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    Monday, 01 March 2010

    Leaving Amino, on to ARM

    Number 2: Although most of the details were finalised a while ago, I haven't blogged about this yet. I've been working at Amino for over four years, developing software for a range of Linux-based set-top boxes. It's been a good place to work for most of that time, but recently I've decided that it's time to find new employment.

    At the end of March, I'll be joining ARM as a Staff Software Engineer, working on Linux and other Open Source / Free Software with them. The job looks awesome, just about exactly what I've been looking for. And I'll be joining two more Debian folk who are working there already. Woo! :-)

    11:04 :: # :: /misc :: 3 comments


    Re: Leaving Amino, on to ARM
    Obey Arthur Liu wrote on Mon, 01 Mar 2010 14:36

    Great! Does this mean we might get buildds that get less than forever to get to your package? :D

    Re: Leaving Amino, on to ARM
    nion wrote on Mon, 01 Mar 2010 23:07

    nice! congrats to your new position, enjoy!

    Re: Leaving Amino, on to ARM
    robert wrote on Tue, 02 Mar 2010 12:17

    Remember to bug them to release programming specs for the Mali.


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