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    Monday, 16 February 2009


    Thanks to everyone involved. Just finished my pieces of the release process, generating 502 CD/DVD/BD images. And technically it's still February 14th, somewhere... :-)

    I should go and get some (more!) sleep, but I want to see us completely finished before I do.

    Update: (15th Feb) People have been asking about the BD images. We decided a while back that we wouldn't ship full-size BD ISO images, simply due to the sizes of those images. For the same reason, we didn't generate them for all architectures, just concentrating on i386, amd64 and source. If you're looking for the BD images, you can download/make them via jigdo.

    Update #2: (16th Feb) Yes, it's possible that we could make a multi-arch BD image containing all of i386, amd64 and source, similar to the multi-arch DVD. Last time I built that, it would just about fit on a dual-layer disc. That would be a really expensive disc to burn, but let me know by email and I can make the image for you if you really want it.

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