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    Friday, 31 July 2015

    Linaro VLANd v0.3

    VLANd is a python program intended to make it easy to manage port-based VLAN setups across multiple switches in a network. It is designed to be vendor-agnostic, with a clean pluggable driver API to allow for a wide range of different switches to be controlled together.

    There's more information in the README file. I've just released v0.3, with a lot of changes included since the last release:

    • Massive numbers of bugfixes and code cleanups
    • Added two new switch drivers:
      • TP-Link TL-SG2XXX family (TPLinkTLSG2XXX)
      • Netgear XSM family (NetgearXSM)
    • Added "debug" option to all the switch drivers to log all interactions
    • Added internal caching of port modes within the driver core for a large speed-up in normal use
    • Bug fix to handling of trunk ports in the CiscoCatalyst driver, improving VLAN interop with other switches
    • Huge changes to the test lab, now using 5 switches and 10 hosts
    • Big improvements to the test suite:
      • Match the new test lab layout
      • Move more of the core test code into the test-common utility library
      • Massively improved the check-networks test runner for the test hosts
      • Added parsing of the UP/DOWN results in test-common to give a simple PASS/FAIL result for each test
      • Added more tests
    • All logging now in UTC

    VLANd is Free Software, released under the GPL version 2 (or any later version). For now, grab it from git; tarballs will be coming shortly.

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