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    Wednesday, 14 July 2004

    JTE 1.6 released

    JTE is nearing completion, I think. I've added support for checking MD5 sums during mkisofs runs, to remove the need for the very time-consuming mirror-check step.

    I've branched debian-cd in CVS to add support for JTE. I considered making the changes optional by config, but the existing Makefile in debian-cd was already getting way too complex and brittle. Hopefully I'll be able to merge some of these changes in soon once I can convince more people to test them. Check out the jte_support branch.

    Phil Hands helped me test the script from JTE 1.5, and started working on packaging JTE. Hopefully if I prod him I'll even be abe to get him to write the docs for me too... *grin* In the long term, I'm hoping to get the JTE patch accepted by the Debian mkisofs maintainer. Failing that, I'll end up maintaining a forked version of mkisofs. I'd obviously like to avoid that if I can.

    See for docs and downloads.

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